I can not the attend event.. How you can still participate:

1) Even if you can not attend the Artists Under the Dome Event at the State House, we urge you to contact your State Senator and State Representative.

Don't know who your legislators are? See: www.vote-smart.org or from the MA Secretary of State's website (on the form it says Rep in General Court) and your state senator (on the form it says Senate in the General Court): http://www.wheredoivotema.com/bal/myelectioninfo.php After you find out who your legislators are, you can also find contact information for them via the Senate Directory and the House of Representatives Directory.

2) We recommend that you call their offices. Introduce yourself to their staff and let them know that you are a constituent AND an artist (let them know what artistic discipline you belong to!). Let their staff know you are interested in being more involved with their office on issues that are important to you. Remember to write down the names of the people you speak with (we always recommend sending follow up thank you cards as staff usually never get thanked). Put your legislators and their staff members on your art mailing list- See MALC's tip page and list of legislation that will help artists (and share that list with them!)

3) If you can not come to the event because it is geographically out of reach for you, we recommend setting up an appointment to visit your Legislators' district offices. Don't be disappointed if your legislators can't meet with you in person. Remember their staff members are wonderful people and are key people for you to introduce yourself to and get to know too! Remember to send a follow up thank you note after your meeting (not an email but a handwritten note).

5) Look at your interaction with your legislators and their staff as a networking opportunity. We recommend putting together two small packets of information about what you make/do to give or mail to your State Senator and Representative. The packet could have a hand written card or note along with your promotional materials. We do not recommend that you send work samples/original work to your legislators and their staff.

6) Join this site's free listserv!!!