How the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development voted on releasing the redraft of HB 1844 (which is now HB 4748)

The Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development voted favorably to release the redrafted version of HB1844 (now called HB 4748) on Friday, May 28th, 2010. (Anyone can find out how a committee voted on a piece of legislation by going up in person to request the results of the vote)

The new draft of HB1844 now known as HB 4748 falls short of fixing the unintended consequences befalling artists of all disciplines and others who are freelancers. (Basically the new redraft is Senate Budget Amendment #260).

To see who is on the committee of 17:

Six members of the committee voted favorably for the redraft: Senator McGee (Senator Chair), Senator Spilka (Senate Vice Chair), Senator O'Leary, Senator Menard, Represenative Coakley-Rivera (House Chair) and Representative Rice (House Vice Chair)*

One voted adverse (against it): Senator Buoniconti

Two reserved the right (abstained): Representatives Arciero and Smola.

Eight gave no answer: Senator Hedlund and Representatives Rogers, Freslo, Rush, McMurtry, Garballey, Ferrane, and Polito.

*Representative Rice was the only one who took the time to respond to MALC emails. He stated that had taken the time to read all MALC emails and the information that was sent him and why he voted the way. He voted favorably because he wanted to bring the issue to the larger House to be able to find a way to fix the problems.

So what does this mean? It means that members of this committee and by extension the legislature, are very aware of the negative unintended consequences from the 2004 Independent Contractor Law Change and are struggling to find a solution. Our team has been working on potential legislative language options that would fix the problem and we are also working with supportive elected officials to move forward to find a solution. Stay tuned.